Presentation Instructions

Oral Presentation

All presentations will be in English. Please, bring your .pdf or Power Point™ compatible file(s) of your presentation in a USB memory stick (pen drive). Alternatively, you can also use your own PC.
In the day before your presentation, please, go to your presentation room between 5:30 p. m. to 7:00 p. m. to upload your file(s).

Oral presentation rooms will be equipped with the following items: 1 PC (Windows 10), 1 video projector and 1 LASER pointer.

Poster Presentation

All poster presented in 7th International Congress on Ceramics, ICC7, must be in English.
The presentation author should be registered at the Secretariat Congress upon arrival and collect your badge and other materials.

Poster presentation will take place in the Exhibition area. Each board to affix the poster will have an identification number. Abstract identification number will correspond to that on the poster board.
The author should display his/her poster on the correct poster board.
The poster should be, preferable, fixed from 08:00 a. m. to 08:30 a. m. at the same presentation day. Please, remove your poster after the ending of session (7:00 p. m.).

The author should prepare the poster bearing in mind the following instructions:
SIZE: The dimensions of the poster should not exceed 90 cm in width and 120 cm in length. Larger posters will be bigger than the poster board. Hence it is important for the author to be aware of the dimensions of the poster.
LETTER SIZE: The size of the letters used in the posters should make it easy to read the poster from a distance of two meters. CAPITAL AND SMALL LETTERS should be used in the general content of the work, since letters of the same size makes it difficult to read the poster. Avoid the use of different fonts and styles in the same text.


Character size


General guidelines


Font size 20-24 mm, maximum 100 points


At the top of the poster include the title of the paper, names of authors and the institutions where the investigation was carried out.


Font size between 48 and 60 points.


Subtitles such as “Introduction”, “Materials and Methods”, “Results and Discussion” and “Conclusions”.


Font size between 24 and 32 points.

Single spacing. Capital and small letters

Use brief texts. Description of methods should be simple and concise. 

The authors can stamp the ICC7 logo in the poster.

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