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18, June - Allegro 1

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Detail Invited 02:00 PM
08-081 - Marcelo Stachiotti
Single phase multiferroic compounds by doping Bi4Ti3O12 with Fe+3 ions
Detail Invited 02:30 PM
08-142 - Vojislav V Mitic
Ceramics materials structures, energy and fractal
Detail oral 03:00 PM
08-123 - Manuel Henrique Lente
Influence of the magnitude of the ferroelectric ordering on the optical properties of Pb(Ti Ni)O3 and (K Ba)(Nb Ni)O3
Detail oral 03:20 PM
08-041 - Francisco Eduardo Carvalho
Structural and electromagnetic effects caused by the addition of niobium pentoxide in the cobalt ferrite
Detail oral 03:40 PM
08-051 - Leontin Padurariu
Modeling of The Tunability Properties and Switching Properties in Ferroelectric Ceramics with Different Grain Sizes
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