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19, June - Allegro 1

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Detail Invited 08:30 AM
08-075 - Eung Soo Kim
Effects of Structural Characteristics on Dielectric Properties of Mg4Nb2O9–based Ceramics at Microwave Frequencies.
Detail Invited 09:00 AM
08-077 - Yun Liu
The symmetry-mode decomposition for better understanding of the structural evolution presented in polar functional materials
Detail oral 09:30 AM
08-085 - Jae-Ho Jeon
Texture Engineering of Lead-Free Piezoelectric Ceramics
Detail oral 09:50 AM
08-138 - Ducinei Garcia
Phase concentration and microstructure effects on the properties of hot-pressed PZN-PT/CFO magnetoelectric composites
Detail oral 10:10 AM
08-046 - Adelina C IANCULESCU
Ce doped BaTiO3 1D-nanostructures prepared by colloidal chemistry
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