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18, June - Allegro 2

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Detail Invited 08:30 AM
06-227 - Mihails Kusnezoff
Optimization of SOC electrodes performance for fuel cell and co-electrolysis operation
Detail oral 09:00 AM
06-180 - Alexander Michaelis
Advanced Ceramics for Energy Systems and Environmental Technology
Detail oral 09:20 AM
06-049 - Elisabeth Djurado
Innovative microstructure and architecture in efficient La2-xPrxNiO4+d based SOFC Cathodes
Detail oral 09:40 AM
06-160 - Ihor Polishko
The influence of porosity on mechanical strength and electrical conductivity of NiO-3,5YSZ composite and its Ni-3,5YSZ cermet for SOFC anode application
Detail Invited 10:00 AM
06-181 - Olivier Guillon
Oxygen Ion-Conducting Ceramic Membranes for High-Temperature Applications
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