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18, June - Allegro 2

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Detail Invited 02:00 PM
06-081 - Federico Smeacetto
Glass-based seals and ceramic protective coatings for solid oxide cells: current status, issues and perspectives
Detail Invited 02:30 PM
06-229 - Marc Torrell
3D Printing of functional multi-ceramics for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells applications
Detail Invited 03:00 PM
06-018 - Sven Uhlenbruck
Ceramic batteries for electrochemical energy storage
Detail oral 03:30 PM
06-182 - Rafael Bianchini Nuernberg
Electrochemical properties of NASICON-structured glass-ceramics of the Li1+xCrx(GeyTi1-y)2-x(PO4)3 system
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