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19, June - Allegro 2

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Detail Invited 08:30 AM
06-007 - Ziqi Sun
Bio-inspired inorganic nanomaterials for sustainable applications
Detail oral 09:00 AM
06-211 - Swarup Kundu
Hydrothermal Synthesis and Characterization of NaxK1-xNbO3 Ceramics
Detail oral 09:20 AM
06-030 - Celso Valentim Santilli
Revisiting the ZnO Q?dot Formation Toward an Integrated Growth Model
Detail Invited 10:00 AM
06-196 - Edson Roberto Leite
Nanostructured semiconductor oxides thin film applied for artificial photosynthesis: The role of the nanostructure in the electronic and photoelectrochemical properties.
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