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20, June - Allegro 2

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Detail oral 02:00 PM
06-004 - Sergio Mestre
Detail oral 02:20 PM
06-108 - Nelcy Della Santina Mohallem
Behavior of micro and nanoaluminas used in the preparation of colloidal systems and filters for water contaminants
Detail oral 02:40 PM
06-054 - Eduardo Azzolini Volnistem
Mechanosynthesis of magnetically recoverable BiFeO3/Fe3O4 nanocomposite for water treatment applications.
Detail oral 03:00 PM
06-061 - Carsten Doerenkamp
Comprehensive Study of Mesoporous Aluminosilicate Glasses and Clay-like Layer Compound Somasif as Potential Materials for Dye Removal from Wastewater Effluents
Detail oral 03:20 PM
06-029 - Gustavo Henrique Magalhães Gomes
Multifunctional sol-gel xTiO2/(100-x)SiO2 thin films: promising surfaces for self-cleaning applications
Detail oral 03:40 PM
06-155 - Andrzej Jan Kruk
Fabrication and properties of Y2O3 transparent ceramic by plasma arc melting
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