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19, June - Canon

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Detail oral 08:30 AM
17-087 - Daniel Dornellas Athayde
Novel tubular alumina substrates produced by the freeze-casting method
Detail oral 08:50 AM
17-080 - Kalan Bastos Violin
Alumina porous microspheres produced by snowballing technique, a new approach towards developing a suitable ceramic column for Tc-99m generators and other applications.
Detail oral 09:10 AM
17-052 - Mateusz Dulski
Impact of annealing on physicochemical features of silver silica ceramic nanocomposite
Detail oral 09:30 AM
17-028 - Sandra Helena Pulcinelli
Influence of sulfate content in structural and porous characteristics of sulfated tin oxide ceramics
Detail Invited 09:50 AM
17-085 - Andre R Studart
3D Printing of Hierarchical Porous Materials
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