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20, June - Canon

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Detail oral 02:00 PM
17-039 - Nelcy Della Santina Mohallem
Characterization and application of Nb2O5/SiO2 composites prepared by sol-gel process
Detail oral 02:20 PM
17-067 - Gen Hayase
Boehmite nanofiber-polysilsesquioxane composite porous monolith and their thermal insulation
Detail oral 02:40 PM
17-049 - Ulf Betke
Functionalization strategies of reticulated porous ceramics (RPCs) generating new functionalities
Detail oral 03:00 PM
17-084 - Mariana Cepeda Salama
Analysis of the kinetics of polymerization in gelcast ceramic emulsion for the production of porous ceramics
Detail Invited 03:20 PM
17-035 - Katherine T Faber
Strategies for Robust Porous Ceramics
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