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19, June - Cantata 2

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Detail Invited 08:30 AM
13-018 - Paulina Wiecinska
Sugar-based compounds as the additives of the future in colloidal processing of ceramics
Detail Invited 09:00 AM
13-045 - Rodrigo Moreno
Optimization of water based Y-TZP/Al2O3/SiC feedstocks for suspension plasma spraying
Detail oral 09:30 AM
13-016 - Julie Bourret
Innovative aqueous alumina mixtures using eco-friendly additives for micro-extrusion and tape casting
Detail oral 09:50 AM
13-003 - Lars Ortmann
"Plasma Melting Technology – a novel route to Ceramic tubes"
Detail oral 10:10 AM
13-024 - Amandeep Singh
Pulsed laser ablation in supercritical CO2 to synthesize photocatalytically active TixOy nanoparticles
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