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19, June - Minueto

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Detail Invited 02:00 PM
09-083 - Junichi Tatami
Grain boundary strength in porous SiC ceramics measured using microcantilever beam specimens
Detail oral 02:30 PM
09-034 - Henry Zielke
Influence of the carbon content and the coking temperature on the temperature dependent strength of carbon-bonded alumina (Al2O3-C)
Detail oral 02:50 PM
09-094 - Jens Fruhstorfer
The influence of the coarse grain fraction on the microstructure and effective thermal conductivity of alumina castables
Detail oral 03:10 PM
09-118 - Caiuã Caldeira Melo
Finite-element analyses of the pressing of ceramic components
Detail oral 03:30 PM
09-114 - Joamir Henrique da Silva
The Influence of the Silica Fume Content on the Mechanical Behavior and Fracture Toughness of the Portland Cement Concrete Applied on the Rigid Road Pavement.
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