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19, June - Sonata 2

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Detail Invited 08:30 AM
14-002 - Jon Binner
High and Ultra-High Temperature Ceramic Matrix Composites
Detail Invited 08:55 AM
14-049 - christopher parr
Material design of and processing of sustainable compositions in the Alumina-Calcium field for Ultra High temperature applications
Detail Invited 09:20 AM
14-018 - Doni Daniel Jayaseelan
Structural Stability of UHTCs at Extreme Environments
Detail Invited 09:45 AM
14-008 - Samuel Humphry-Baker
Tungsten-based ceramic composites in extreme fusion reactor environments
Detail oral 10:10 AM
14-075 - Xiaochao Jin
Mechanical properties and oxidation resistance of ZrB2-SiC composites prepared with nano-sized particles by spark plasma sintering
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