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20, June - Sonata 2

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Detail Invited 08:30 AM
14-063 - Carolina Tallon
Multi-Scale Porous UHTCs: Dual Approach to Passive Cooling Components Design and Manufacturing
Detail Invited 08:55 AM
14-093 - Guo Jun Zhang
Sol-Gel Processing for Porous Ultra-High Temperature Ceramics
Detail Invited 09:20 AM
14-007 - Dietmar Koch
Manufacturing of Damage Tolerant Fiber Reinforced Ceramic Composites with SiC and UHTC based Matrices via Reactive Melt Infiltration
Detail Invited 09:45 AM
14-062 - Shaoming Dong
Characteristics of UHTC composites and coatings fabricated by reactive melt infiltration method
Detail Invited 10:10 AM
14-055 - Rosa Maria da Rocha
ZrB2-SiC Laminates Produced by Aqueous Tape Casting with Low Binder Concentration
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