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20, June - Sonata 2

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Detail Invited 02:00 PM
14-005 - Davide Bigoni
Constitutive modelling of refractories at liquid steel temperature
Detail Invited 02:25 PM
14-068 - Marc HUGER
Thermomechanical behaviour of refractories, from model materials to industrial ones
Detail Invited 02:50 PM
14-037 - José de Anchieta Rodrigues
Fracture energy, R-curve behaviour and resistance to crack propagation in refractory ceramics
Detail Invited 03:15 PM
14-010 - Carmen Baudin
Materials formulated in the ZrO2-MgO-CaO system for advanced structural applications
Detail oral 03:40 PM
14-051 - Imad KHLIFI
Application of refined Digital Image Correlation for the investigation of the fracture behaviour of Magnesia-based refractories
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