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18, June - Vivace 1

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Detail Invited 02:00 PM
18-054 - Dusan Galusek
High temperature oxidation behaviour of thick polymer derived glass-ceramic coatings on stainless steel
Detail Invited 02:30 PM
18-064 - Ralf Grottenmüller
Industrial Synthesis and Applications of Silazane Resins and Formulations
Detail oral 03:00 PM
18-021 - Iryna Smokovych
Polysilazane derived ceramic oxidation barrier coatings on MoSiB alloys
Detail oral 03:20 PM
18-011 - Daniel Auri Schaefer
Influence of BIAS voltage and pulse time on the active-filler conversion of Polymer derived Ceramic coatings processed by Plasma Assisted Pyrolysis.
Detail oral 03:40 PM
18-022 - Suellen Battiston
Synthesis and Application on metal substrates of ML33 functionalized with Silver Nanoparticles to evaluate antibacterial activity
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