PLD epitaxial growth of ultra-thin SrTiO3/Sr/Si (001) pseudo-substrates

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08-150 Matjaz Spreitzer Spreitzer, M.(Jožef Stefan Institute); The integration of complex oxides on silicon represents a challenging task in materials science today, given the thermodynamical, chemical and structural incompatibilities between silicon and most of the oxides. SrTiO3 (STO) is the material upon which most of this research has been directed to, due to its structural compatibility with a large number of other functional oxides. In this talk, integration of STO with silicon using Pulsed Laser Deposition (PLD) will be presented, showing that the growth of epitaxial layers on Si (001) surfaces is feasible, if enough care is put into the study and proper refinement of all the growth parameters involved. A multi-stage procedure, based on separate STO deposition, oxidation and crystallization phases on ordered ½ ML Sr/Si surfaces, has been developed. A complete set of experimental conditions was determined, which yield optimal surface crystallinity and density, adequate Sr/Ti ratios, and ultra-thin interface layers. The usefulness of this layers as pseudo-substrates was tested by the growth of thicker STO layers. The growth of STO samples in low O2 atmospheres proves to be ideally suited for these pseudo-substrates, revealing the growth of epitaxial, single-orientation and oxygen-deficient samples, with interfaces comparable to those measured in the ultra-thin pseudo-substrates.
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