Ultra-Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramics with Zero-Shrinkage Approach (Invited Lecture)

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08-151 Heli Maarit Jantunen Jantunen, H.M.(University of Oulu); In the recent years several new Ultra-Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramics (ULTCCs) have been introduced with different dielectric, ferrite and ferroelectric properties. However, the decrease of the sintering temperature below 500 oC causes extra challenges. Totally new slurry system and electrode materials feasible for co-firing should be researched. Actually the whole process from the tape casting to the sintering needs to be investigated. In this lecture, the solutions found to enable embedded electrodes with different ULTCCs are presented. Additionally, a totally new approach to develop ULTCC multilayers with almost no horizontal shrinkage (< 1.8 %) is introduced for one material system based on Al2O3-glass composite. The dielectric properties of the recently developed ULTCCs feasible for tape casting will be also discussed.
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