Hybrid machining for rapid prototyping of ceramics

Reference Presenter Authors
01-071 Fabrice Petit Petit, F.(Belgian Ceramic Research Centre); Fabricating ceramic parts with a high degree of complexity and fine details remains highly challenging. Additive manufacturing (especially stereolithography) is promising but it is still far from maturity. It suffers from a lack of reliability and cannot provide defect free parts except for very specific geometries. Hybrid manufacturing is a term that typically describes integration of multiple unit manufacturing processes into one machine. The combination of several technologies in one single device is meant to enable shorter processing time, reduced inspection time and handling while decreasing the cut production costs of products. It also aims at producing parts exhibiting a greater design freedom or intricacy and sometimes radical geometries that conventional manufacturing is not able to produce. In this presentation, an original hybrid manufacturing approach conceived for ceramics is presented. It combines in a single setup conventional CNC machining of ceramics in the green state with laser milling. This combination allows a dramatic reduction of the manufacturing time (at least by an order of magnitude) especially for parts exhibiting very fine and delicate features (< 0.2 mm).
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