Printable Self-healing Graphene-based Composites

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03-051 Kirstie Ryan Ryan, K.(University of Manchester); Edmondson, S.(University of Manchester); Derby, B.(University of Manchester); barg, s.(university of Manchester); The ability to utilised graphene and related 2D materials within additive manufacturing sparks a promising future for developing multi-functional composites on a commercial scale. The addition of self-healing capabilities to these materials can prolong the working lifetime, eliminating the need for further maintenance and repair. Graphene-based composites with autonomous self-healing capabilities present exciting new opportunities for sensing, artificial skins, soft robotics, and bio- medical applications, to mention a few. Recent work shows that graphene can be incorporated into supramolecular self-healing matrixes to form electrically conductive smart materials with enhanced mechanical properties, for applications ranging from electrochemical sensors to responsive artificial skins.[1][2] However, at present there has been little research into using graphene-based self- healing composites for 3D printing processes. In this study, we design a self-healing graphene-based ink composed of a supramolecular polymer as the self-healing component and a free-radical photocurable component to enable 3D printing of self-healing graphene composites using stereolithography. Key manufacturing parameters, such as the critical exposure and depth of penetration from the laser in the SLA are investigated to facilitate formulation and printing of 3D structures. The 3D part’s electrical conductivity, mechanical, thermal and self-healing properties are studied and correlated to microstructural and compositional parameters. [1] C. S. Boland, U. Khan, G. Ryan, S. Barwich, R. Charifou, A. Harvey, C. Backes, Z. Li, M. S. Ferreira, M. E. Mobius, R. J. Young, and J. N. Coleman, “Sensitive electromechanical sensors using viscoelastic graphene-polymer nanocomposites,” Science (80-. )., vol. 354, no. 6317, pp. 1257–1260, 2016. [2] E. D’Elia, S. Barg, N. Ni, V. G. Rocha, and E. Saiz, “Self-Healing Graphene-Based Composites with Sensing Capabilities,” Adv. Mater., vol. 27, no. 32, pp. 4788–4794, 2015.
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