Processing and Characterisation of Copper Impregnated Ceramic Granulates for Chemical Looping Applications

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06-240 Frank Jörg Clemens Clemens, F.J.(Empa, Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology); Because of wide pore size distribution from below 0.1 µm to over 1 µm, porous ceramic materials have a broad field of applications in catalysts, separation filters, bio-device scaffolds and other related areas. In this study, extrusion, granulation (intensive mixer) and pressing were used to synthesize mechanical stable porous support structures for fluidized bed reactors (e.g., chemical looping combustion process, methanation industry, Chemical-looping combustion is considered as a promising techniques for CO2 separation of fossil fuel combustion. It involves the use of an oxygen carrier, which transfers oxygen from an air reactor to a fuel reactor for combustion, without direct contact between the fuel and the air and a support material which gives the necessary mechanical properties. In this talk an overview of different techniques to produce chemical active granulates will be presented. Effect of pore size distribution and interaction between oxygen carrier and support material on the chemical looping performance will be discussed in details. Using extrusion process cylindrical granulate structures were generated with an aspect ratio (length vs diameter) below 2. With intensive mixer it was possible to produce more spherical structure. Using pressing technique, granulates based on nano powders, with bimodal pore size distribution, could be processed easily. The porosity was investigated by mercury intrusion method and the mechanical behaviour was analysed using modified attrition test, so called attrition resistance index (ARI). Chemical looping performance was investigated on extruded granulates impregnated with 1.5 M copper nitrate trihydrate and calcined at 850 °C. Only presence of CuO and Cu2O phases were obtained in silica based samples.
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