Field-dependent permittivity description in PMN ceramics

Reference Presenter Authors
08-157 ELTON CARVALHO LIMA LIMA, E.C.(Universidade Federal do Tocantins); Araújo, E.B.(São Paulo State University); de los Santos Guerra, J.(Universidade Federal de Uberlândia); Ferroelectric relaxors such as PbMg1/3Nb2/3O3 (PMN) and their response on the DC electric field have been attracting considerable interest for a wide range of applications, particularly in tunable electronic devices. To understand the relaxor behavior, many models were proposed. The nonlinear component of the dielectric permittivity of PMN ceramics were measured as a function of the DC electric field, over the range of 100 K to 400 K. The nonlinear coefficient was used to investigate the mechanisms responsible for the dielectric response in PMN ceramics. The results showed that dielectric response is suppressed due to electric field. Different from the description used in monocrystals of PMN, the DC non-linearity is not described by the quadratic dependence. Analysis of the data shows that dependence of the component of the dielectric response on the electric field can be described by different power laws. An anomalous behavior was observed through the nonlinear coefficients. The obtained results were analyzed within the framework of the models proposed in the current literature.
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