Ferroic properties of nickel-ferrite based ceramic composites

Reference Presenter Authors
08-159 José de los Santos Guerra Junio de Portugal, R.(Instituto Federal do Triangulo Mineiro); Betal, S.(Alfred University); Dutta, M.(The University of Texas at San Antonio); Guo, R.(University of Texas at San Antonio); Bhalla, A.(University of Texas at San Antonio); de los Santos Guerra, J.(Universidade Federal de Uberlândia); da Silva, A.C.(UNIVERISDADE ESTADUAL PAULISTA (Campus de Ilha Solteira)); Mendez-González, Y.(Universidad de La Habana);

In this work, the physical properties were investigated on multiferroic ceramic composites based on spinel structure-type NiFe2O4 (NFO) system. Ceramic samples were obtained from the solid-state reaction method, by considering a stoichiometric ratio between the ferromagnetic (NFO) and a ferroelectric phase matrix, based on PbZrTiO3 (PZT) system. Results, obtained at room temperature, revealed intensified characteristics of both ferroic (ferroelectric and magnetic) responses, which make these composites promising candidates for applications in magneto-electric related devices.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: The authors wish to thank FAPEMIG and CNPq Brazilian agencies and NSF (Grant No. ECCS1002380) for the financial support. R. J. Portugal also thanks the Materials Science Post-Graduation Program (PPGCM), UNESP, Ilha Solteira, Brazil.