Composition-driven structural and magnetic phase evolution in Bi1-xAexFe1-xTixO3 series

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08-002 Uladzimir Khomchanka Khomchanka, U.(University of Coimbra); Paixão, J.A.(University of Coimbra); Magnetoelectric multiferroics exhibit the simultaneous existence of spin and electric dipole ordering, making them promising for future technological applications. While BiFeO3 is the most thoroughly studied magnetic ferroelectric compound, the properties of its solid solutions remain a matter of intensive debate. In this paper we show how variation in the chemical composition of Bi1-xAexFe1-xTixO3 (Ae=Ca, Sr, Ba) perovskites affects their crystal structure and magnetic behavior. In particular, our research demonstrates that Ca/Ti and Sr/Ti substitutions suppress the cycloidal antiferromagnetic structure specific to the parent compound, thus stabilizing a weak ferromagnetic ferroelectric state. The Ba/Ti-doped solid solutions retain the magnetic behavior characteristic of the pure BiFeO3. The composition-driven changes in the magnetic properties of the Bi1-xAexFe1-xTixO3 compounds correlate with the evolution of lattice parameters, thus confirming the existence of a tight coupling between the magnetic and structural/electric dipole order in these materials. This work was supported by Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (Portugal) through the FCT Investigator Programme (project IF/00819/2014/CP1223/CT0011).
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