High and Ultra-High Temperature Ceramic Matrix Composites

Reference Presenter Authors
14-002 Jon Binner Binner, J.(University of Birmingham); Rubio, V.(Uni); Porter, M.(Uni); D'Angio, A.(National Composites Centre); Hillman, W.(University of Birmingham); There is an increasing demand for advanced materials, for aerospace and other applications, with temperature capability ranging from 1500oC to well over 2000°C and able to survive highly corrosive environments whilst subject to intense heat fluxes and mechanical stresses. The interaction of environmental conditions together with the requirement that dimensional stability is maintained makes the selection of suitable materials extremely challenging. This paper discusses the design, development, manufacture and testing of a new class of ceramic matrix composites based on C fibre and SiC preforms enriched with ultra-high temperature ceramic (UHTC) powders and with a matrix infiltrated by either RF- or microwave-heated chemical vapour infiltration (CVI). These composites will form of suite of materials suitable for application in severe aerospace environments.
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