Exposure of High Temperature Ceramics to Molten Sand and Combustion Flows for Gas Turbine Engine Applications

Reference Presenter Authors
14-004 Andy Nieto Nieto, A.(U.S. Army Research Laboratory); Walock, M.(U.S. Army Research Laboratory); Murugan, M.(U.S. Army Research Laboratory); Ghoshal, A.(U.S. Army Research Laboratory); This talk will provide an overview of research activities on high temperature materials for gas turbine engine applications at the US Army Research Laboratory (ARL). Emerging military and commercial grade aircraft will face increasing threat from molten environmental particulates, a gas turbine inlet temperatures continue to increase to attain improved thermodynamic efficiency. Studies at ARL focus on understanding the effects of molten environmental particulates, especially sand, in ceramic materials exposed to high temperature sand laden environments. Studies span from model systems and novel materials tested in isothermal furnace testing, to advanced thermal/environmental barrier coatings deposited on components and tested in full scale engine tests. The talk will focus on 1) molten sand infiltration through a dense YSZ ceramic, 2) characterization of molten sand infiltration through mullite and rare-earth silicate based EBCs, and 3) a summary of a recent full scale engine test with several experimental TBCs developed at TBC. Other topics to be covered will include the characterization and properties of molten sand deposits under controlled conditions, and the exploration of ultra high temperature ceramics under sand laden combustion environments.
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