Concrete with addition of vitreous residue: statistical analysis and market employability

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09-006 Daniele Rodrigues Freitas Araújo de Lima, C.A.(Faculdade Estácio São Luís); Wolff, M.P.(Faculdade Estácio São Luís); Freitas, D.R.(IFMA); Concrete is the second most used material in the world, behind only water, however it has caused problems due to the great atmospheric pollution generated in the cement manufacture. An alternative to reduce this impact is the addition of new materials to the concrete, in this aspect the vitreous residue has great potential due to its pozzolanic characteristic. In the present work, statistical analyzes of the use of glass powder in partial replacement of the cement in the conventional concrete were made. The physical-mechanical properties of Resistance to axial compression, Porosity and Water absorption were studied, the statistical analysis was a prediction for intermediate values of addition of glass powder, in order to obtain larger samples and, in this way, to develop models of Multiple Regression, considering the variables resistance, porosity and absorption. The work leads to a viable solution, through statistical treatments that resulted in an equation with three variables, synthesizing in turn the main characteristics of the concrete, using in an economical, sustainable and innovative way.
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