Synthesis and Characterization of oxide SiCN ceramic system from Lauryl Lactam and HTT1800.

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18-008 Deivid Metzker da Silva da Silva, D.M.(Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina); Hotza, D.(Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina); Mallmann, M.d.(Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina); Bernard, S.(University of Limoges); MACHADO, R.A.(Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina); The present work focuses on the synthesis and characterization of multifunctional polymer-derived SiCN-oxidized ceramic from Lauryl lactam (60% w/w), precursor of Polyamide 12, and commercial oligosilazane, HTT1800 (40% w/w). The synthetic route used was that of ring-opening polymerization catalyzed by sodium hydride and subsequent crosslinking using DCP. The reaction occurred at emperature above 200°C in argon atmosphere. The pyrolysis was performed at temperature of 1000°C for 1 hour. The samples were submitted to FTIR and 13C, 29Si and 1H solid/solution NMR analyzes to elucidate the structures before and after the pyrolysis. The PA12-HTT1800 hybrid polymer was formed and after pyrolysis of the material, showed a single-phase and amorphous structure according to the TEM and XRD analysis. The Raman spectroscopy was used to confirm the presence of free carbon in the structure.
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