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04-011 José Carlos Borba Jr Cavalcante, A.S.(Universidade Federal de São João del Rei); Elias, R.C.(Universidade Federal de São João del Rei); Borba Jr, J.(Universidade Federal de São João del Rei); Avelar, M.G.(Instituto Federal do Espírito Santo); SILVA, L.S.(Universidade Federal de São João del Rei); Given the need and importance of recycling construction and demolition waste, the subject of this research is justified by a study aimed at reusing these wastes from a precast factory located in Ouro Branco - Minas Gerais, seeking to reduce the aggression to the environment, as well as reduction of the extraction of raw materials and greater economic return to the factory. Concrete blocks were molded in 15x40 cm family with the residue from sealing blocks dropped in quality control at the factory. The recycled concrete blocks were submitted to a dimensional analysis, verification of the concrete compressive strength and water absorption, according to the ABNT norms NBR 6136: 2014 and NBR 12118: 2013, which are about concrete masonry blocks. The absorbance test was also performed, following the NBR 15270-3 2005 which is about tests methods for ceramic brick and structural masonry blocks. With the test data it was found that the blocks are in accordance with the standards of the dimensional analysis and absorption analysis. In the compressive strength, the recycled blocks achieved resistance of sealing blocks until 30% of substitution content.The factors that most influenced the loss of resistance in relation to the standard block were: the type of the residue used, which is composed of concrete structural masonry; the way that the residue was broken, generating a lot of variable fractions with possible impurities; and the block capping, that it was done with a mass of lean concrete. The initial absorption rate was high compared to the standard block, which can entail micro cracks at the interface due to plastic retraction, which can decrease adhesion.
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