New Types of Chrome-free Refractories for the Copper Production

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14-011 Helge Jansen Jansen, H.(REFRATECHNIK Steel); For a long time, magnesia-chromite refractories have been the basis for metallurgical copper production. The high corrosion resistance is their most beneficial property for use as a wear lining in copper production kilns. On the other hand, there are some shortcomings of such materials: their strong infiltration during copper production with process melts such as copper-matte or liquid copper, poor thermo- mechanical resistance, high risk of spalling, corrosion by fayalite slag and also the environmental aspect of chromite refractories. To eliminate these drawbacks, new types of chrome-free refractory materials have been developed. The innovative materials combine an effective infiltration barrier with a very good corrosion resistance and thermomechanical resistance. Moreover they are chrome-free. Several industrial trials have already proven the high potential of this new refractory product group. In this paper laboratory results and theoretical aspects as well as various industrial test results are presented and discussed.
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