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14-021 MARIANA BRAULIO BRAULIO, M.(4Cast Consulting); Pandolfelli, V.C.(Universidade Federal de São Carlos); The relatively low temperatures (800-1250°C) faced by the aluminum industry equipment may cause some misperception in terms of the materials´ engineering concept. Although looking as a straightforward task, designing refractories for this temperature range is in fact challenging, as typical raw materials usually leads to sintering and densification at temperatures above 1300°C. In order to overcome this issue, the use of colloidal binders and sintering additives is becoming an interesting alternative to ensure suitable thermo-mechanical properties to withstand the typical application wear mechanisms (erosion, impact and thermal shock). Taking these aspects into account, this work addresses the design of nano-bonded high-performance refractory castables for refinery boilers, alumina calciners and aluminum melting furnaces. Besides the benefits related to the improved properties caused by better densification, processing parameters, such as drying, are also favored, minimizing equipment downtime. Furthermore, as energy is the major cost of this industry, the potential savings attained by this approach will be highlighted. Some practical installation examples will be shown, also pointing out the factors that still require improvements to attain a well-succeed solution for these applications.
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