A mesoscopic description of PLZT relaxor ceramics using Rietveld refinement parameters

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08-012 Eriton R Botero Botero, E.R.(Universidade Federal de Grande Dourados); Garcia, D.(Universidade Federal de São Carlos); In this work a study based on the relation of the structural and ferroelectrical properties of lead zirconate titanate system modified with lanthanum ((Pb1-xLax)(Zr0.65Ti0.35)O3) ferroelectric ceramics was carried out. The analyzes were made by the refinement of diffraction obtained in a conventional diffractometer and high resolution obtained by synchrotron radiation. The refinements were performed at the samples with the WinPLOTR program (FullProf) using the Rietveld method. The samples were primarily refined with a single crystalline phases according the symmetries: Pm-3m, Cm1, Pmmm and P4mm. Another stage of the work consisted in refining the structure of these ceramics considering a composition of two phases, the symmetry Pm-3m as centrosymmetric and the other with a non-centrosymmetric symmetry. The authors would like to thanks PROCAD-CAPES # 3012/2014.
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