Synthesis and Characterization of the Ferroelectric Ceramic Material Sodium and Potassium Niobate (KNN) by the oxide mixing route

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08-013 Gabriel Alexsandro Freitas Vilhalva Corrêa Queiróz Mendonça, O.A.(Universidade Federal da Grande Dourados); Botero, E.R.(Universidade Federal de Grande Dourados); Vilhalva, G.F.(Universidade Federal da Grande Dourados); The objective of this work was the study, synthesis and optical characterization through the crystallography of the ferroelectric ceramic compound KNN (Potassium and Sodium Niobate) through the conventional ceramic route. Several apparatus were used, such as, ball mill, muffle furnace, dryer oven and FT / IR type spectrometer. The synthesis of the material was carried out and several studies and analyzes could be done on the light-matter interaction and performance of the material by the synthesized samples. The authors would like to thanks PROCAD-CAPES # 3012/2014.
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