Ni and Ni-M Nanoparticles Supported on Hierarchical Oxides for Methane Reforming Catalysis

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06-023 Lian GAO GAO, L.(Shanghai Jiao Tong University); Nanostructured composite catalysts with non-precious metal/alloys nanoparticles supported on hierarchical silica or alumina nanostructures have been designed, prepared, and tested for methane reforming catalysis. The hierarchical structures are resulted from hydrothermal process with the presence of Ni2+, the alloy precursor ions, and silica or alumina precursors. The metal nanoparticles resulted from high temperature reduction of phyllosilicates or aluminates show a strong metal-support interaction, which corresponds to a superior catalytic performance and a high resistance to sintering and coking of the catalysts during high temperature DRM catalysis. The synthetic mechanisms for the synthetic routes are proposed and discussed.
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