Study of loading influence at different areas of concrete based on concreting time

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04-020 Gabriel Soares Bento Bento, G.S.(Universidade Tiradentes); Júnior, W.d.(Universidade Tiradentes); Bispo, I.S.(Universidade Tiradentes); de Castro, A.G.(Universidade Tiradentes); Lima, A.C.(Universidade Tiradentes); Santos, D.S.(Universidade Tiradentes); Lima, T.A.(Instituto Federal de Sergipe); Concrete is heterogeneous and very employed in civil construction. In order to instigate the feasibility of the concrete structures, test specimens were produced to evaluate the mecanical behavior of diferente stresses and obtain the concrete kinectics analysis versus the mechanical resistence between two different regions: axial and superficial region. This study have the objective of check the 3, 7, 28, 56 and 107 days of healing and have a monitoring this influence on the mechanical resistence of the different parts of the body of evidence, aiming to attain a 30 MPa fck at the end of the healing. In the first 7 days of healing, the concrete grains of the axial region obtained a greater increase of resistance compared to the supercial region, from the seventh day the process becomes the inverse. These results instigate new postulates in the structural area.
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