Study of Erosive Wear by Jet Slurry Erosion of Woka 3653 Coating Tungsten Carbide (86WC-10Co4Cr), Obtained by the HVOF technique.

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09-018 FREDDY GALILEO SANTACRUZ SANTACRUZ, F.G.(Universidade Federal do Rio Grande Do Sul); BERGMANN, C.P.(UNIVERSIDADE FEDERAL DO RIO GRANDE DO SUL); Takimi, A.S.(UNIVERSIDADE FEDERAL DO RIO GRANDE DO SUL); Since the materials like cermets have excellent results in relation to erosive wear resistance; The current high-speed thermal dispersion process (HVOF-HighVelocityOxi-Fuel) is an excellent choice for obtaining hard coatings such as those of the WC-Co type due to the fact that they offer abrasion resistance properties and together with a small amount of Cr increases the resistance to corrosion, can be used in hydroelectric, petrochemical, civil construction, mineral processing, among others; due to its tribological properties in the increase of the useful life of its components. So in the present investigation it was possible to evaluate the erosive wear of the coating 86WC-10% Co-4% Cr, taking into account the mass loss of the samples, in a jet slurry erosion equipment, under the control of parameters such as speed, volume of the liquid, temperature and concentration of erosive particles of electrofused alumina, used during the investigation. The characterization of the coating was carried out, in terms of its microstructure (MEB), thickness, roughness, porosity, microhardness and structurally in the identification of the phases (DRX) (EDS), as well as the granulometric distribution (LG) and morphology of the erodent. With the study, it was possible to establish the relationships between the wear and physical properties associated with the coating, with the conditions established in the erosion test of the equipment, and confirming, that this type of coatings with that nominal composition in weight, are an excellent option for industrial applications in relation to martensitic stainless steels.
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