Advances and challenges in the synthesis, characterization and application of BFO-based nanostructured ceramics

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08-018 IVAIR Aparecido SANTOS SANTOS, I.A.(Universidade Estadual de Maringá); BiFeO3 (BFO) is a prototypical displacive multiferroic magnetoelectric material that shows a rhomboedrally distorted perovskite structure (R3c space group) and presents ferroelectric and antiferromagnetic ordering at room temperature, as well as elevated Curie (TC ~ 1103 K) and Néel (TN ~ 643 K) temperatures. However, the formation of undesired phases in polycrystalline BFO inhibits the electric, magnetic and magnetoelectric characterizations, preventing its applications in advanced devices. To overcome these difficulties, alternative protocols for synthesize single-phased BFO and BFO-based compositions have been intensively studied in the last years. In this talk, special attention is placed to review the high-energy ball milling-based protocols, commonly used to achieve nanoscale powders, and Spark-Plasma or Fast-Firing sintering as tools to obtain BFO-based nanostructured multiferroic magnetoelectric ceramics. Structural, microstructural, magnetic and ferroelectric properties are reviewed and some achievements and challenges for studying and applying these nanomaterials are pointed out and discussed.
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