Combined Effect of Conductive Phase and Current Pattern on Spark Plasma Sintering of Si3N4-Based Ceramic Composite

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09-022 FEI ZUO ZUO, F.(Guangdong University of Technology); Lin, H.(Guangdong University of Technology); The present work investigated the introduced quantity and specific surface area of TiN phase on spark plasma sintering of Si3N4-based ceramic composite. The densification behaviors, ?-? phase transformation and microstructure evolution of sintered samples were analyzed and compared between continuous direct current and pulsed direct current SPS processes in relation with the amount and nature of the TiN conductive phase. By the way of dilatometric measurement and transformed phase calculation, the values of apparent activation energy, which is regarded as an important thermodynamic parameter of sintering, were estimated in both SPS modes. Results indicate that the conductive phase and current pattern have a significant impact on liquid phase distribution, phase transformation and microstructure within Si3N4-based ceramic. This systematic study could be meaningful to develop the in-depth understanding of the SPS process of Si3N4-based ceramic composites at both the fundamental and the applied levels.
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