Porous Ceramic Architectures for Sustainability

Reference Presenter Authors
13-019 Katherine T. Faber Faber, K.T.(California Institute of Technology); Naviroj, M.(Northwestern University); Fey, T.(Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg); Directionally freeze-cast ceramics are candidates for catalyst supports and filtration membranes.  Each requires through-thickness alignment and connectivity of the pore phase.  In this work, we investigate strategies to tune both pore morphology and alignment, and hence, the flow characteristics of the porous solids.  We firstly describe how pore morphology can be tuned by solution freeze-casting of a preceramic polymer, polymethylsiloxane solvated using a range of organic solvents. X-ray micro-computed tomography provides measures of pore size, morphology and connectivity. Secondly, we report on a grain-selection templating technique, which provides enhanced nucleation control during freeze casting to increase alignment, and consequently, permeability.  Permeability results are related to connectivity profiles from X-ray tomography. 
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