Material design of and processing of sustainable compositions in the Alumina-Calcium field for Ultra High temperature applications

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14-049 christopher parr parr, c.(Kerneos SA); Sustainable development has become a key concern of all industrial players.  From an R&D and innovation point of view this consists of developing new products and services delivering more performance with less impact on the environment and human health. This can be achieved by implementing eco-design approaches based on specific criteria covering the the dimensions of sustainability: environmental as well as social and economic elements; Advanced refractories technology based in the composition field of Alumina and Calcium are a result of such approaches. Designed to insulate and protect industrial furnaces and vessels, refractory products are indispensable in all high-temperature process industries due to their excellent resistance to heat, chemical attack and mechanical damage.  Designing refractories best suited to each application is of supreme importance for safety and operational economics. The properties of such compositions can be modified by combination with other oxide and non-oxides and through different processing technologies all with the aim of delivering sustainable developments through enhanced performance for a variety of high and ultra-high temperature applications. The paper will explore the structural stability at high and ultra high temperature properties of such compositions as well as the upstream relationships between processing, microstructure and resulting properties. Examples will show how material design coupled with processing can impact in use properties at high temperature and how developments could lead to refractories fulfilling additional functions in thermal process industries than just containment through resistance to heat, chemical attack and mechanical damage. Conclusions will be drawn as to possible development options for the future and how these are aligned to macroscopic trends facing thermal processing industries .
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