Influence of replacement of Portland cement by limestone filler on the hardened state of micro-concretes

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04-040 Gabriel Carpinelli Perozzi Brasileiro Brasileiro, G.C.(University of São Paulo); Mesquita, J.A.(University of São Paulo); Maciel, M.H.(University of São Paulo); Romano, R.C.(University of São Paulo); Pileggi, R.G.(University of São Paulo);

In the last years, many works were made worldwide in which Portland cement was replaced by different kind of mineral additions in compositions of concretes, because the use of this kind of binder can cause a great environmental impact due to the CO2 emissions. Applying the concepts of packing particles and chemical dispersion by using admixtures, it is possible to replace high amount of Portland cement by supplementary cementitious materials (up to 80%) without compromise the general properties of the concrete. In this work, it was analyzed the properties of hardened state of eco-efficient micro-concretes using limestone filler to substitute Portland cement up to content of 80%. The water-to-solids content was changed maintaining the workability in all compositions. Compressive and flexure strength, total and apparent porosity by the Arquimedes’ immersion method, dynamic modulus of elasticity and air-permeability by the vacuum-decay method were used to evaluate the products after 28 days of cure. So, as the micro-concretes were mixed maintaining constant the workability, and in function of the strategy of dosage and particle dispersion, it was possible to reduce the consumption of Portland cement in high contents with no losses in the hardened properties.

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