Building 3D Architectures with 2D Materials

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17-040 Suelen Barg Barg, S.(university of Manchester); Graphene and related two-dimensional (2D) materials present unique properties for the use in electronics, catalysis, energy, bio-medical, sensing or environmental applications. However, 2D materials tend to re-stack decreasing their performance. By efficiently assembling these 2D building blocks into 3D architectures, not only their re-stacking can be prevented but also multi-functionality can be achieved. These materials unique behavior derives from the combination of high accessible surface areas, ultra-low density and tuned porosities with high electrical conductivities and unique thermal and mechanical properties.This talk will highlight recent progress in the fabrication of graphene-based 3D architectures (aerogels, foams and lattices) using colloidal approaches from emulsion and ice template to 3D printing. It will demonstrate how processing controls architectures at multiple length scales and how this relates to properties with examples of potential applications. A perspective on aerogels built from other 2D materials chemistries will be given with emphasis on their use in energy storage.
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