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14-064 Sido Sinnema Sinnema, S.(Ceramics Research Centre, Tata Steel Europe); The main challenges for steel manufacturers are linked to the cost and availability of raw material and energy, and to environmental and climate change regulation. The Iron & Steel industry has been facing a severe crisis. To overcome face this situation, the I&S industries are eager to increase their competitiveness [1]. Refractories (ceramic materials used in linings of vessels to contain and process fluids at high temperatures) are of critical importance for an energy-intensive industries such as iron and steel making. Besides that production of refractories constitutes the demand for novel materials with improved characteristics and superior technological and economic performance. The aim of the paper to illustrate the importance of refractory development & research and refractory value in use models [2] within an international steel company bridging the gap between the need from day to day production and the long term solutions academics can offer. From an end user point of view maintaining close relationship to refractories dedicated universities and companies is of vital importance to operate production processes at a high level [3]. 1. “Global Steel Industry: Outlook, Challenges and Opportunities”, 5th International Steel Industry & Sector relations Conference, April 20th , 2017 Instanbul, https://www.worldsteel.org/ 2. R.Siebring, S Sinnema, W Tesselaar, “Bridging the Gap between Refractory Supplier and the Refractory user in the Steel Plant, Real Value in Use”, Refractories Wordforum 9 (2017) [3], p 71-75. 3. C. Parr, H. Harmuth, V. Pandolfelli, J. Poirier, M. Rigaud, S. Sinnema “ FIRING RESEARCH FOR REFRACTORIES IN STEEL LADLE APPLICATION”, UNITECR 2016, proceeding 239.
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