Structure and electrochemical assessment of Cu-doped Ca-cobaltites by a proteic sol-gel synthesis method

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06-103 Jakeline Raiane Dora dos Santos Santos, J.R.(Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte); Silva, R.M.(Universidade Federal da Paraíba); Simões, T.A.(Universidade Federal da Paraíba); Grilo, J.P.(Universidade de Aveiro); Loureiro, F.J.(University of Aveiro); Fagg, D.P.(Universidade de Aveiro); Macedo, D.A.(Universidade Federal da Paraíba); Nascimento, R.M.(Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte); In this work, Cu-doped calcium cobaltite powders of composition CaCo4-xCuxO9-? (0 ? x ? 0.15) were obtained by a proteic sol-gel method and studied as potential cathode materials for SOFC. As-prepared powders were calcined at 900 °C and characterized by X-ray diffraction and scanning electron microscopy. The electrochemical performance of screen-printed porous electrodes (fired at 950 °C for 2 h) was assessed by impedance spectroscopy and dc polarization in the temperature range of 600-750 in pure oxygen, using a three-electrode configuration cell. The results indicated all calcined powders are single phase solid solutions with monoclinic misfit layered structure and plate-like morphology with irregular shape and diameter below 2 µm. The area specific resistance and cathodic overpotential were assessed as a function of copper content to determine a compromise between polarization resistance and densification.
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