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09-061 Vânia Trombini Trombini, V.(Universidade Federal do ABC); Santos, S.F.(Universidade Federal do ABC); Becker da Silva, D.A.(Universidade Federal do ABC); With constant demand for greater productivity in machining processes, the develepment of cutting tool with improved performance is crutial. Choice of the appropriate tool reduce machining. These modifications made in the machining process bring as a result a greater wear of the tool. A solution for the improvement of wear resistance is the use of ceramic tools that present very high hardness, chemical stability, its relatively smaller specific weight when compared to hard metal tools and, as the main advantage, its high wear resistance. In contrast, the ceramic tool is very fragile, which hinders machining with interruptions, since it does not support initial machining impact. In order to overcome these difficulties, this work studied processing, structural characterization and performance in machining operations of a ceramic cutting tool composed of alumina containing 5%vol of zirconia inclusions. Results obtained show that was possible sintering alumina zirconia cutting tools with eleveted densit (>96%DT) and homageneous microstructure. Preliminar machining tests using alumina cutting tool developed in these work showed that the processing chosen for the manufacture of the tool was adequate.
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