Lightweight Concrete: Analysis of different traces of expanded clay, polystyrene and basaltic gravel

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04-065 Gabriel Soares Bento de Santana, V.d.(Universidade Tiradentes); Bento, G.S.(Universidade Tiradentes); Carvalho, L.E.(Universidade Tiradentes); Abreu, B.V.(Universidade Tiradentes); SIlva, R.A.(Universidade Tiradentes); It is remarkable that there is evolution in construction alongth way. The buildings become more vertical, i.e, increasingly high. Raises - if so, the need of shapes and materials that improvethe executive processes, always in favor of safety. Come to think of it, lightweight aggregates are used in the concrete to achieve a material with the benefit of reducing your density and has a convenient resistence. In this research, sought to make a comparison between different strokes using the expanded clay, expanded polystyrene and the basalt coarse aggregate. So a comparison is made between the two applications, based on in its resistance to compression and its characteristics, including the lightness that these materials provide, to ensure whether or not your use properly.
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