Electrochemical characterization of Ca-cobaltite synthesized by solid state reaction

Reference Presenter Authors
06-128 Jakeline Raiane Dora dos Santos Fulgêncio, E.B.(Universidade Federal da Paraíba); Santos, J.R.(Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte); Silva, R.M.(Universidade Federal da Paraíba); Melo, K.P.(Universidade Federal da Paraiba); Campos, L.A.(Universidade Federal da Paraíba); Macedo, D.A.(Universidade Federal da Paraíba); A calcium cobaltite of composition Ca3Co4O9 (C349) has been highlighted as a thermoelectric material, and recently, as a cathode for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC). In this work, C349 powders were obtained by solid state reaction of a mixture containing cobalt oxide and mollusk shell powder as Ca (calcium) source. Porous electrodes of C349 were screen printed on both sides of dense ceria-gadolinia substrates. The electrochemical performance of the electrodes was evaluated by impedance spectroscopy as a function of temperature and oxygen partial pressure (pO2). Results indicated area specific resistances of 1.38 and 2.16 ohm.cm2 at 800 °C and pO2 of 1 and 0.2 atm., respectively.
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