The Physical effect of the quartz filler on Portland cement hydration.

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04-069 Diego Jesus De Souza De Souza, D.J.(University of Ottawa); Medeiros, M.H.(Universidade Federal do Paraná); Hoppe Filho, J.(Universidade Federal do Oeste da Bahia); The use of fineness and chemically inert materials can modify the kinetics of the hydration of Portland cement, especially when considered in low ages. This is derived of three main effects, dilution of the anhydrous cement grains, packaging particles and improvement of nucleation. This research aims to evaluate the influence of the addition of quartz fillers in hydration of Portland cement, assuming that the fineness and chemically inert materials influences the dissolution and precipitation of the anhydrous cement compounds, increasing the degree of hydration at early ages. For this, cement pastes were prepared with three different compositions, reference (cement Portland type I with a/c of 0.45) FQ1 (Portland cement type I + quartz fillers, with a/c of 0.45) and FQ2 (a/c of 0.60) and analyzed from X-ray diffraction testing, tensile and compression strength. The results shows that the use of quartz fillers with granulometry equal or smaller than Portland cement and higher specific surface area influenced the kinetics of the hydration of the anhydrous material elapsing at a faster consumption of the phases anhydrous clinker, increasing the formation of portlandite and the gain of strength in early ages analyzed.
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