Addition of eggshell waste in traditional ceramic

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13-032 Francine Machado Nunes Nunes, F.M.(Universidade Federal de Pelotas); Rangel, E.M.(Universidade Federal de Pelotas); Camaratta, R.(Universidade Federal de Pelotas); Machado, F.M.(Universidade Federal de Pelotas); The food industry highlights the abundant production of chicken eggshell residue (CER). In order to reduce the volume of this waste material, it is possible to convert CER into an alternative source of raw material for others industrial sectors. With this, the present work had the objective to investigate the addition of CER in clay for the manufacture of traditional ceramic products. The formulations tested were 1, 2 and 3% wt of CER in the clay. Samples with dimensions of 83x12x10 mm were produced by uniaxial pressing, dried, and then sintered at 850 and 950ºC. The best forming moisture was investigated for each formulation and it was analyzed the linear shrinkage after drying (LD), linear shrinkage after sintering (LS), modulus of rupture (MOR) and water absorption (WA) for all specimens. Both clay and CER were collected in the city of Pelotas-RS. The results showed that the addition of CER in the clay in these concentrations can increase some of the analyzed parameters. Thus, the use of CER in the manufacture of traditional ceramic products proved to have potential.
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