Feasibility of incorporating wood ash as a partial replacement of silica in the production of soda-lime glasses

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11-013 Luiz Veriano Oliveira Dalla Valentina Mezaroba, G.(Universidade do Estado de Santa Catarina); Tomiyama, M.(Universidade do estado de santa catarina); Dalla Valentina, L.V.(Universidade do Estado de Santa Catarina); This research aims to characterize glass with and without residues from wood burning (wood ash) in partial substitution to silica. Samples of the glasses produced on a pilot scale (ratio 73% SiO2, 13% Na2O, 4% MgO, 7% CaO) were characterized in various proportions of silica substitution (10%, 30% and 50%) using pure and calcined residues (at temperatures of 700°C and 950°C). The results showed that the addition of 10% of residue in substitution to the silica allows to produce glasses with characteristics close to the standard glass (soda lime), among them color and transparency. The change in the shade of the glasses is due to the presence of other elements that were detected in the chemical analysis (FRX) in which the ash was used, where the presence of elements such as F, K and Mg was revealed. In glass with higher concentration of residue, the color became darker, varying between green and amber. Keywords: wood burning residue, glass, characterization.
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