Using Multiple Phases to Enhance Flash Sintering of Ceramics

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12-038 Martha Mecartney Mecartney, M.(University of California, Irvine); This talk will discuss flash sintering of multiphase ceramics. Compositions of spinel, alumina, monazite, yttria-stabilized zirconia (YSZ), and magnesia, are evaluated for flash sintering under an applied electric field in air. YSZ acts as a catalyst to promote flash sintering at lower temperatures and lower electric fields, and studies of different volume fractions of YSZ in monazite and alumina/spinel composites demonstrate this effect. Binary compositions of spinel and alumina or spinel and magnesia are more effective for flash sintering than any of the single phase constituents. The reasons for the anomalously fast flash sintering of multiphase compositions will be discussed.
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